Eco-Friendly Product on Your Traveling

Do you really care with your mother earth? If you really care about the earth, when traveling try to participate as well as reducing the risk of damaging the environment. Using products that are environmentally friendly become one of good alternative to keep your earth. So, here are some of eco-friendly travel products that you can enjoy:

Recycled travel bag

We have entered the green era, where you can easily find a suitcase made from waste, such as Velcro scarps or bike inner tubes. Just check out the Flat Bags brand with bags starting at $45.

Prepare corn plastic luggage tags in your bag

Who think corn can not be utilized as a biodegradable luggage tags! These tags only run less than $1 each. Such an inexpensive and eco-friendly solution!

Choose natural skin and hair product

You may be able to look beautiful and healthy even with the use of natural-based cosmetic product, and of course you take the role as well as in saving the environment.

Better read e-book

You don’t have to kill trees to travel with your favorite books. Look into buying a Kindle or a Nook so that you can read all of the books you want without wasting paper.


So, not only the mode of travel, choosing environmentally friendly product in your luggage, helps reduce environmental impact.